The Love of Strangers

The Love of Strangers

by Heather Kimble

c6332-1002008_86930054Our world started crashing down around us. We were pressured to terminate our baby, told that she wasn’t the “best” and wouldn’t live long anyway.  We didn’t know if we should tell people or keep it private. We decided to tell people and ask for prayers for our precious baby. I’m so glad we did. The outpouring of love from people that I have never met was amazing. Friends of friends of friends sent private messages letting us know they were praying and how their heart ached for us. Other mommies who had been through the loss of a child offered comfort, help, and support. We were connected with a couple who had a similar situation happen (Their daughter is alive and is 2 years old. Praise God!). The father of that little girl is a pastor and did the sermon at our daughters funeral. We met him face to face that day.

It gave me comfort, it gave me hope, and it gave me the message that they cared even if they had never met us. It didn’t take the pain away, but it helped us continue to walk through it. God sent those strangers to us to be a comfort, if only for a moment. The sincere love that was given by people we never met was just amazing. I can barely put it into words to explain the impact it had on us and how much it meant to us. They reached out in our time of great need with open arms and open hearts. We thank them from the bottom of ours.


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