The End of My February Photo Challenge

The End Of My February Photo Challenge

by Heather Kimble

Yesterday was the end of my February photo a day challenge. I really enjoyed it and I’m glad I decided to do it. Here are all my photos taken during the challenge and the topic for each day. Feel free to copy my list or create your own.

1. Pink
2. Furry Friend
3. True Love
4. Nature
5. Current Book
6. Something Sweet
7. Handwritten
8. Something Sparkly
9. Inspiration
10. Powerful Words
11. Heart
12. Flowers
13. A Part of Me
14. Black & White
15. The Sky
16. Together
17. Red
18. Self-Portrait
19. Handmade by Me
20. A Gift
21. A Fragrance
22. Vintage
23. One Word
24. Relaxation
25. Beauty
26. Thinking of You
27. An Act of Kindness
28. Makes Me Smile


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