Facing the Truth – Day 3

I Peter 4:12

Dear friends, do not be surprised at the painful trial you are suffering, as though something strange were happening to you.

Psalm 43:3

Send forth your light and your truth, let them guide me; let them bring me to your holy mountain, to the place where you dwell.

Read I Kings 3:16-28

1. Describe how each woman in the story responded to loss.

First woman – Heartbroken, panicked, willing to sacrifice for her own baby boy’s life.

Second woman – Desperate, heartbroken, trying to fill the void in her heart from her baby boy’s death.

2. What would you say to each woman in the story?

I would tell the second woman whose baby died that I was so sorry, that I understand the pain she feels. I would tell her that taking a living baby from another woman will not heal her broken heart because nothing can replace her own baby boy. I would tell her that I would pray for her and encourage her to pray to God also.

I would tell the first woman not to condone the second woman’s behavior, but try to be sensitive to the grief and desperation she is feeling and going through with the death of her baby boy. I would tell her that she did the right thing to go before King Solomon and fight for her baby boy. That her mother’s love was truly shown when she would rather her baby boy stay with the second woman than be killed. I would also tell her to pray for the second woman whose baby boy had died.

3. How have you responded to others who have what you lost?

With strangers, I would get annoyed watching them pay attention and interact a lot with their baby. 

With everyone, there is some jealousy, a lot of comparison, extremely painful heartache, asking why I can’t have my baby girl and they get their baby. I’m still happy for them. I’m happy they didn’t go through this and pray they never will. However, I also try remind myself that I don’t know their story and they could have experienced something similar to me.

4. What would you like others to do or say to you?

They admit that they can’t imagine what I must be going through, but are sorry. That they are sensitive even though they don’t understand. That they ask how I’m holding up and really care to listen and know. That they don’t try to rush my grief and give me all the time I need. That they would respect my grieving, mourning, and healing process.

-Don’t hide your pain. Be truthful with yourself, God, and others this week.

-Seek the listening ear of a person who is compassionate and trustworthy or has experienced loss similar to yours.

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