Missing in Action – Day 5

Psalm 46:10

Be still and know that I am God.

1. Are you too busy? Make a list of your roles and the activities with each role in a typical week. Is time alone with God on your list?

Depends on the day and my mood.

Wife – Take care of and support my husband.
Mother – Learning how to be one everyday with Hannah in Heaven.
Friend – Be there for them and help them in their time of need.
Organizer – Make our home more and more organized.
handyman/Painter – Fix and make our home look like a nice home.
Couponer – Save our family hundreds of dollars on items we need and use.
Decorator – Make our house a home.
Cleaner – Keep up (try to!) with the housework.
Business woman – Making important decisions regarding my current business and starting a nonprofit.
Student – Pursuing my bachelors degree.
Toddler caregiver – Working with toddlers at my church.

Time alone with God is on my list now, but before I was “too busy” and it didn’t cross my mind.

2. Do you feel as if you’ve been avoiding facing your hurt? Why or why not? Why do you think it is so difficult for you to be still?

Absolutely, There are many days I do. It hurts so much. I hate feeling the unbearable raw pain. When I’m still it gives plenty of time for reality to set in that my daughter died and it wasn’t just a terrible nightmare.

3. Where is your “foxhole of faith,” the physical place you go to “be still” with God? If you don’t have a place, where could you go? Read Psalm 46, Matthew 11:28, and Psalm 5.

In my living room or bedroom when no one is home. I hope to make my “foxhole of faith” on my porch when the weather is nice.

4. Schedule at least ten minutes each day to be still with God. Take your list of activities to Him and ask Him to show you the roles you need to release for a time.

5. Are there others who can help you face reality and share your load? Who are they?

Yes, but I don’t like to ask for help. My good friend and my husband ❤

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