CHOP – Autopsy Results

Last Thursday my husband and I met with my high risk CHOP doctor to go over Hannah’s autopsy results. We had already been given a copy, but we aren’t doctors and needed to hear everything from the doctor.

We weren’t there long. The doctor took us back right away to her office and confirmed what we all expected, Hannah had Turner Syndrome. Her 45, X chromosome was completely deleted. All of her conditions/medical issues all were caused by Turner Syndrome. The severity of Hannah’s Turner Syndrome was extremely rare. My doctors actually told us that most other fatal diagnosis’ couldn’t even compare to Hannah’s fatal diagnosis. So, that fact that she only had Turner Syndrome and nothing else was a little surprising to us and the doctors.

Hannah was and still is our miracle. That fact that she lived into her 24th week is a miracle. I’m so proud to be her mommy and call her my daughter.

A fatal diagnosis is devastating for any parent. In the end when our baby dies it doesn’t matter the severity of the fatal diagnosis, if it was expected, if it was a shock, due to a fatal diagnosis, or no explanation at all. There is still a precious and innocent life that is lost. This is just my story and my journey.

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