Forgiving Others – Day 17

Luke 23:34

Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.

1. Do you blame anyone for your loss or for hurting you through your experience of loss?

I don’t blame anyone for Hannah’s death. I did blame my CHOP high risk Doctor for hurting me. The day she confirmed our worst nightmare she had wonderful bedside manner. She even gave me her email so I could contact her with any questions of concerns and said she would respond to me, even check in on me if she didn’t hear from me. So, the next day I emailed her. I had a bunch of questions I needed to hear the answers (if there was one). Well, she went behind my back shared my email with my regular OB/GYN and I never heard from her. I felt betrayed by my high risk Doctor. I was very angry at her. I didn’t ask for her email. She could have had the courtesy to contact me and tell me she talked to my regular OB/GYN about my decision, questions, and concerns in the email.

I think I forgive her. I’m not angry like I was. Forgiveness isn’t a one and done thing, but when unforgiveness starts to come back up, I need to forgive her. I need to pray that she doesn’t do this with other patients.

2. List those you need to forgive.

I need to continue to forgive my high risk Doctor.

3. Ho do Jesus’ words “Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing” encourage you to do the same?

If Jesus can forgive those who condemned Him, tortured Him, mocked Him, denied Him, and murdered Him, who am I not to forgive? Jesus forgave those who persecuted Him. How can I not forgive someone who has unintentionally (or intentionally) hurt me?

4. Write these words in red letters over your list of names. Tear up the paper and throw it away.

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