Inspired by…

Inspired by…

by Jason Kimble
As some of you may or may not know, I am an artist.  I do lots of different types of art, paintings, etc. After Hannah had passed away, Heather had suggested I paint or do some kind of art inspired by her that we could have around the house.  It took me a while to get myself in a place where I could do it.  At first I wasn’t even sure I wanted to.  I don’t know why, but it just felt off.  How could I make something beautiful or even nice?

When Heather started this blog and started working on the ideas of the non-profit, she suggested that maybe I could do a small piece for a few women that she had met through the site.  She said it was something she thought I could sell through my art site and it could be a nice keepsake for parents who have suffered loss as well as raise some money for the non-profit.  I started toying with ideas.  A few weeks later she asked me to do some specifically and I did.  At first it was weird, then it became more liberating.  I felt like I was doing something important.  I even did 2 pieces for Heather in honor of our daughter.  This is how the empty arms project started. 

The empty arms project pieces are custom made and available to purchase for just $10 each.  You can pick the animal and give me a list of colors and the name and the piece will be custom made for you.  The cost of $10 only covers my cost with 50% of the proceeds going to Hannah’s Heart and Love.

To see all the pieces I have done so far Click Here

To go to my store to order a piece Click Here

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