Carrying to Term

Carrying to Term After a Fatal In-Utero Diagnosis

Resources/Support: (Northern Illinois’ perinatal hospice and bereavement center) (information on various diagnosis’)

Making Memories During Pregnancy:

  • Tell your baby how much you love them.
  • Do a maternity shoot.
  • Eat  “kids” foods (like mac and cheese, chicken nuggets etc.) and your favorite foods so your baby can try them.
  • Include your baby in Holidays.
  • Visit Santa Claus.
  • Go on special trips and take lots of pictures and even video – Sports games, the zoo, a play, etc.
  • Record your baby’s heartbeat.
  • Read children’s books and/or Bible stories to your baby.
  • Write to your baby.
  • Talk to your baby.
  • Continue taking belly picture and/or weekly “how big is baby” pictures.
  • Play music for your baby.
  • Take pictures and video of family activities and celebrations.
  • Make something special for your baby – Scrapbook, Christmas stocking, blanket, etc.