Through the Dark Valley

Through the Dark Valley

by Julie Erickson

rocky-valley-1340724-639x426When I first learned of Jordyn’s fatal diagnosis in November of last year, the perfectionist and workaholic in me took over almost immediately. Though I was heartbroken that Jordyn would not be with us to grow up, I imagined the good that could come of her short time on earth. I pictured building a legacy in her name which included a charity for fetal heart research, a blog to tell her story, and many speaking, fund raising, and mentoring efforts to support those who were hurting in the same way I was. Though I could not save her life, through whatever power I had I needed her memory to be preserved.

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This New Life

This New Life

by Ashley Bowman

new-life-3-1249701-639x480February 1st marked six months since I said hello then goodbye to my angel, Bentley. 6 MONTHS. It seems like such a short amount of time when you think about the length of a whole human life, but it’s an excruciatingly long time when you are missing someone every second, of every day.  I have come to find that grief and that incredibly painful ache I feel every day living without my son only gets worse with time. Probably because every day is one day longer that it has been since I kissed him and held him. I already feel like he is quickly disappearing from our lives. Other than pictures and a few mementos, there is no sign that he was ever here. It kills me to know that I will never have anything more of him than I do now. I will never get take his picture as I  see him off on his first day of kindergarten or see his first steps. None of that, it has all been taken from us for reasons we will never know or understand. Everything happens for a reason has no part in baby loss.

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Being Completely Open with You…

Being Completely Open with You

by Heather Kimble

3825a-1080946_24278190I started blogging to express my feelings after losing Hannah. I also started blogging because I wanted others to know that they weren’t alone in this journey of losing a baby. I wanted to keep myself raw and basically completely unedited as I wrote about my personal journey and feelings. Continue reading