Reuniting in the Baby Loss Community

Reuniting in the Baby Loss Community

by Julie Erickson

young-friends-1245942 (1)Recently, I have noticed a concerning trend in the baby loss community, one that I know is going to ruffle some feathers just by its mention.  It seems that moms who were once united in their suffering are now beginning to divide themselves into smaller factions, stating that people “don’t understand” their loss, or that it “isn’t the same” as someone else’s. Continue reading

Jason versus the Pennsylvania Department of Vital Records – Part 2

Jason Versus the Pennsylvania Department of Vital Records – Part 2

by Jason Kimble

100f7-hannah2527s2bheart2band2blove252c2bbabyloss252c2bbaby2bloss252c2bpregnancy2bloss252c2bstillbirthHere is what has happened since.  After I faxed the form AGAIN, I did not hear anything for a few days.  I was promised a call back the very next day, but of course did not get one.  I was not surprised at all.  I did my traditional call and leave a message over the next few days, but still heard nothing.  I also heard nothing from our state representative.  I do not know what he was busy representing, but it clearly was not me or my wife.

So we waited.  I continued my due diligence, but we waited.  A few more days passed until finally I received a call from one of the people who works at the Department of Vital Records.  She informed me my request was pending since December.

It has come to my attention that there have been serious developments since the last time that I posted about this, but I never updated those of you who have taken the time to listen to my story.  Continue reading