Being Completely Open with You…

Being Completely Open with You

by Heather Kimble

3825a-1080946_24278190I started blogging to express my feelings after losing Hannah. I also started blogging because I wanted others to know that they weren’t alone in this journey of losing a baby. I wanted to keep myself raw and basically completely unedited as I wrote about my personal journey and feelings. Continue reading

Back to School

Back to School

by Jason Kimble

back-to-school-1190569-639x518I seems to me that with every changing season, I am faced with the reality of the loss I have gone through.  I don’t think that I realized this until now, and I am sure that this sort of thing is common with other types of loss, but going through it now it has become much more clear. 

My current issue comes now as it is the “back to school” season.  Many students in our area returned to school yesterday.  As I rode to work yesterday, I got to see them all waiting out at the bus stops, many with proud parents who were sending their kids out into the great big world.  Continue reading

Happy 4th of July?

Happy 4th of July?

by Jason Kimble

c8b79-photoHappy 4th of July to all of you! 

This is generally one of the times of the year I would really enjoy.  There’s fireworks, barbecues, street fairs, the weather is great and there is tons of great food to eat.  However, this year as holidays come and go, they tend to be very bittersweet.  What used to be a time of celebration has now become a reminder of what “should have been.”  Today, I should be taking my daughter to Good Neighbor Day at Kerr Park.  It should be her first 4th of July.  She should be having her first experience with fireworks, which I am sure would be a little scary for a baby.  But I don’t get this experience at all.  Instead I get reminded that my daughter is gone. 

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Permanent Grief and Sadness

Permanent Grief and Sadness

by Heather Kimble

9fbbc-867275_95262327Once a person goes through all 5 stages of grief, that doesn’t mean these stages will not appear again in the future. Sometimes certain stages will take longer to work through. There’s no time limit. It’s important to go through each stage and not try to avoid them, no a matter how painful or uncomfortable they may be. I believe that grief and this sadness will never go away.

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