Jason versus the Pennsylvania Department of Vital Records – Part 2

Jason Versus the Pennsylvania Department of Vital Records – Part 2

by Jason Kimble

100f7-hannah2527s2bheart2band2blove252c2bbabyloss252c2bbaby2bloss252c2bpregnancy2bloss252c2bstillbirthHere is what has happened since.  After I faxed the form AGAIN, I did not hear anything for a few days.  I was promised a call back the very next day, but of course did not get one.  I was not surprised at all.  I did my traditional call and leave a message over the next few days, but still heard nothing.  I also heard nothing from our state representative.  I do not know what he was busy representing, but it clearly was not me or my wife.

So we waited.  I continued my due diligence, but we waited.  A few more days passed until finally I received a call from one of the people who works at the Department of Vital Records.  She informed me my request was pending since December.

It has come to my attention that there have been serious developments since the last time that I posted about this, but I never updated those of you who have taken the time to listen to my story.  Continue reading

Jason versus the Pennsylvania State Division of Vital Records PART 1

Jason Versus the Pennsylvania Division of Vital Records Part 1

by Jason Kimble

aca0e-1434430_56924540When Hannah passed away, Heather and I were absolutely devastated.  Having been given a fatal diagnosis, we knew the tragic day would come when we would face the this heartbreaking and difficult time.  Knowing this did not make the time any easier, but it did allow us to consider some things about what was happening.  That said, one thing that came up was the idea of a birth certificate.  Initially this did not cross my mind.  At this point, I can’t recall where I heard about it first.  I think Heather told me she had seen something about it online. There was a birth certificate that our state would produce for families called the “Birth Resulting in a Stillbirth” certificate.  It sounded like something that would be a great thing to have and would add just a little bit of peace in the recognition of our baby girl… or so we thought…

This was a way for families to have their baby recognized by the state as more than just a “medical issue.”  It was a way for the family to mark this moment and remember the baby that was lost.  It was something that a family can have as something to hold to and show that while their baby couldn’t come home with them, the life of their baby was no less important than anyone else.  I didn’t NEED this certificate to allow me to know my daughter existed or mattered, because she did, but in my mind it was nice to have that simple piece of paper just like a “normal” family would. 

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Permanent Grief and Sadness

Permanent Grief and Sadness

by Heather Kimble

9fbbc-867275_95262327Once a person goes through all 5 stages of grief, that doesn’t mean these stages will not appear again in the future. Sometimes certain stages will take longer to work through. There’s no time limit. It’s important to go through each stage and not try to avoid them, no a matter how painful or uncomfortable they may be. I believe that grief and this sadness will never go away.

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What It’s Like – Part 2

What It’s Like – Part 2

by Jason Kimble

cemetery-roses-1349445-640x428So I thought I would cheat a little.  I want to talk about something that piggy backs on to what I had written last week about the insensitive comparisons people make.  The day after I posted my piece, I saw something on Facebook that had was a news story being shared by the local news station.  The story was about pet memorials.  The teaser for the piece read something to the affect that our pets are like our children and losing them is like losing a child.  Of course I was offended by reading it.  I thought to myself, “How can they write something like that without thinking.”  This is not just something that would be offensive to me or offensive to people in my situation.  What if your child was a soldier killed in battle?  Would they make that comparison?  But it seemed no one had thought about it.  At first I was just going to let it go.  Chalk it up to another one of those “dumb things people say.”  I was going to let it roll off my back and not let it be something that bothered me.  But then I realized, if no one ever says anything how can we expect it to be fixed in the future?
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