Dealing with Stress – 10 Practical Ways

Dealing with Stress – 10 Practical Ways

by Heather Kimble

2baf3-199102_4646Stress is completely unavoidable after our baby dies. I wish it was. I hate it. But then again who doesn’t hate stress? The emotional and physical reactions suck. We all react in different ways. I just want to break something to release the stress. Chunks of my eyebrows literally were falling out. My hair overall got much thinner and one section completely broke off. I have also felt physically sick and just extremely nauseous.  I am trying to learn to release this stress. I’m still learning different ways that work for me. It’s not an easy fix as some would like to think. It doesn’t make us bad people, it makes us human.

I just want to share some ways that have personally helped me release the stress even if only slightly. Continue reading

Being Completely Open with You…

Being Completely Open with You

by Heather Kimble

3825a-1080946_24278190I started blogging to express my feelings after losing Hannah. I also started blogging because I wanted others to know that they weren’t alone in this journey of losing a baby. I wanted to keep myself raw and basically completely unedited as I wrote about my personal journey and feelings. Continue reading