Request a Recovery Box

Recovery Boxes

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Each recovery box is given to bring some sort of comfort and healing to moms who have lost their babies through miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth, or early infant death. The boxes are filled with items like ice packs, candles, tissues, books, teas, and more. The box can then be used for all of their keepsakes and memories of their sweet baby.


  • *We rely 100% on donations. If you would like to help, you can make a monetary or item donation. Thank you for your support.

  • Currently we are only able to send recovery boxes to the United States.

  • Recovery boxes must be requested within 2 weeks from the date of your baby’s delivery.

  • There are no refunds on shipping Donation.

  • There is a 3 to 6 week wait on recovery boxes depending on availability of items.

  • We rely 100% on donations to fulfill box requests.

  • We can only provide one recovery box per mom. Recovery boxes are for moms only.

  • Friends and Relatives can request a recovery box on the mom’s behalf. ALL information must be provided. **PLEASE NOTE: A copy of the recovery box form is AUTOMATICALLY sent to the email address provided after the form is submitted. The requestor MAY USE their own email address if they desire.**

  • Please list your PayPal transaction number at the bottom of the recovery box request form in the “PayPal Transaction Number” box.**

We do not charge bereaved parents for our services or items. Due to the number of recovery box requests we receive and the cost of shipping, we do ask for a donation of $15 to help cover the cost of shipping. This will help ensure we can continue to provide our services and items at no charge. 

Recovery box orders will open by late spring 2018. Thank you for your support and understanding. If you are local to the Chester County, PA area (or surrounding areas) email us at