Making Memories

Making Memories

Don’t feel pressured to do all of these. Pick as many or as few or create your own. Pictures are extremely important. We can’t stress that enough. You may choose to look at them right away or wait a little while or not look at them all. There is no wrong answer. But we don’t want you to regret not having photos in the future.
Please feel free to share your memory ideas in the comments below!

After Birth:

  • Tell you baby how much you love them.
  • Having your baby baptized take pictures or video it.
  • Kiss and cuddle your baby.
  • Take lots of pictures with your baby – You can include your baby’s siblings, grandparents, and others if you want to – Contact
  • Take lots of pictures of your baby (Their whole body, their features, hands, feet, etc.) – Include special outfits, stuffed animals, and other special items.
  • Read children’s book and/or Bible stories to your baby.
  • Get your baby’s hand and feet prints.
  • Get your baby’s hand and feet imprints in clay.
  • Cut a lock of your baby’s hair.
  • Get a special memory box to keep all your keepsakes of your baby in.
  • Make a shadow box of special keepsakes of your baby.
  • Buy a personal keepsake item like jewelry.
  • Use a special blanket to have your baby wrapped in when he or she is born.
  • Write a special poem or song to your baby.
  • Give your baby a bath.

 For Special Dates, Birthdays, and Whatever is Important to YOU:

  • Butterfly Release
  • Donate in your Baby’s Name
  • Dove Release
  • Lantern Release
  • Lady Bug Release
  • Scatter Flower Petals over a Lake, Ocean, Creek, etc.
  • Lantern Release
  • Hand Out or Put in the Ocean Seashells with Your Baby’s Name
  • Write Messages in a Seashell with a Permanent Marker and Then Throw Them in the Ocean
  • Purchase a “coming home” outfit
  • Purchase “first” outfits and/or items (example: first 4th of July outfit, first pair of sunglasses, first Christmas dress, etc.)
  • Purchase the first 12 months stickers and first 12 months outfits (example: 1 month sticker with a pink onesie size 0-3 months, 3 month sticker with a flower onesie size 3-6 months, etc.)
  • Make something special, like different cupcakes, every month on the day your baby was born. Do this for the first 12 months or as long as you want.
  • Write your baby’s name in the sand and take a picture (you can use apps like instagram or VSCOcam to edit them however you’d like. Both apps are free.)

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